July 11, 2024

Building a Better Hobby 6 Tips for Finding Your Ideal Game

Do you have a hobby? If so, do you enjoy it? Do you feel fulfilled by it, or does it make you feel bored and frustrated? It’s not uncommon for a person to only have one hobby. It’s also common for that same person to spend most of their free time playing video games, watching movies, or reading books. Why is that? Well, hobbies are supposed to be something that you find interesting and enjoyable. However, if you look at the majority of people who have a hobby, they tend to enjoy something with limited replay value. Why? Because when we find something we like, we tend to immerse ourselves in it as much as possible. We don’t know how to build an ideal hobby because most people don’t know how to find an ideal hobby! Thankfully, there are things that you can do to find your ideal game and build a better hobby in general. Keep reading to learn more!

Ask Friends What They Enjoy

When you ask your friends what they enjoy, you might discover that they have a completely different hobby than you. They might also introduce you to a game or genre that you wouldn’t have thought of playing. All of these things can lead to you finding a game that you enjoy. While you shouldn’t base your entire decision on what your friends enjoy, it can be a good starting point. You can ask friends what they enjoy and then branch out from there. If you have friends who enjoy a certain genre, you can ask them what games they would recommend. From there, you can research the games that they recommend and see if any of them would be a good fit for you.

Read Reviews and Watch Gameplay Footage

Just because you’re looking at games that your friends have recommended doesn’t mean you should ignore the reviews and gameplay footage that they also use. In fact, these are some of the best ways to get a feel for what a game is actually like. You’ll be able to see if the game has any major flaws or annoyances and whether or not it would be worth your time. You can look at the reviews for games online and find the ones that best fit the type of game that you want to play. You can also watch gameplay footage and see if the game is something that you would enjoy. If you’re really not sure about a game, you can always check out what the community around the game is like. If it seems like a toxic community, it’s likely not a game that you want to spend your time on.

Go to Events Where You Can Meet People Who Play the Games You Like

There are a variety of events that you can go to where you can meet people who enjoy playing the same games that you do. From conventions to LAN parties, you can find people to play games with. When you go to these events, you can make new friends who enjoy playing the same games that you do. You’ll be able to build a network of people who you can play games with and share your experiences with. You’ll also be able to talk to people who know a ton about your favorite games. You can get some great insight into the games that you enjoy while also making new friends who can help broaden your horizons.

Develop a Core Skill or Mechanic That You Like

If you enjoy playing a certain game, you can look for a mechanic or skill within the game that you like. From there, build a side project or hobby that uses that same mechanic or skill. For example, if you like playing the multiplayer mode in For Honor, you can try to find a group of people who play that game and ask if they are interested in forming a team that plays other games. You can also use your knowledge of the game to build a side project that uses the same skills and mechanics. For example, if you like the way that For Honor’s multiplayer mode works, you can try to find ways to implement similar mechanics in your other hobbies. You can also use your knowledge of the game to build a side project that uses the same mechanic that you like.

Find a Game With Endless Possibilities and High Scraping Capability

There are a lot of games that you can play for years without getting bored. From Minecraft to GTA V, you can keep playing for years and never get bored. You should also find a game that has high scraping capability. This means that you can do lots of different things in the game. Ideally, you should be able to play the game in a variety of different ways. You should also be able to take different components from the game and use them in other ways. For example, in Minecraft, you can take a tree and turn it into planks. You can take the planks and turn them into a ladder. You can take the ladder and use it to build a house.


Finding an ideal hobby can be challenging. It’s even more challenging when you don’t know what to look for in a game. Luckily, there are 6 tips for finding an ideal game. These include asking friends what they enjoy, reading reviews and watching gameplay footage, going to events where you can meet people who play the games you like, developing a core skill or mechanic that you like, finding a game with endless possibilities and high scraping capability, and finally, making sure that you enjoy whatever game you choose.