June 22, 2024

Fun Questions to Ask Kids – 20 Fun Questions for Kids to Answer

Are you looking for fun questions to ask kids? As adults, we often find ourselves at a loss for words when it comes to talking with kids. It’s not that we don’t know how to carry a conversation; it’s just that we forget what it’s like to be young and full of boundless energy and curiosity. When you meet someone young, the first reaction is often awkwardness. Luckily, there are tons of great tips out there on how to talk to kids in a natural way. We all know how hard it can be for kids to strike up new conversations, especially if the other person is an adult. That’s why asking them fun questions is one of the best ways to break the ice and get them talking about their likes and dislikes without fear or feeling embarrassed. If you want some ideas on how exactly you can go about this, read on!

Who’s your role model?

Kids often look up to their parents and teachers as role models, but they can also draw inspiration from books, TV shows, and other public figures. If you want to know who your child admires, asking this question is a great way to get things started. It’s never too early to start building up your child’s self-esteem by letting them know that they have the potential to be anything they want to be. How does your child see themselves in the future? What are the qualities or characteristics that they’re most proud of?

What’s your favourite song right now?

Kids love to be up to date with pop culture and share their discoveries and opinions with others. If you want to get a quick, informal survey of what’s hot and happening in your child’s world, you can’t get much better than asking them about the songs they listen to. What are your child’s favourite artists? Which songs do they sing along to when they’re alone? What do they think of today’s pop music scene? These are all questions that are sure to come up when you ask your child about their favourite songs.

What’s something you wish you could do?

Kids often get frustrated when they don’t have the right equipment or skills to do certain things, but they usually won’t complain because they don’t want to be a nuisance. If you want to know what your child truly wishes for in life, try asking about their dreams and wishes. What would your child like to do with their lives if they had no barriers? What are their fantasies and desires? What do they think they’re born to do?

What’s your biggest dream?

Dreams are the things that we wish would happen in our lives. They can be as small as eating a certain food or as big as winning an award. What do you dream of happening to you? What are your biggest wishes and desires? What would make your day perfect? What do you hope to achieve or accomplish? These are all questions that will reveal your child’s dreams and wishes, and help you get a better idea of who they are as people.

For an animal/thing, what’s your job/role?

Kids love sorting out and organizing things, and they often like to create hierarchies and classifications for even the most random things. If you want to know how your child’s mind works, you can ask them for their role and job for a specific animal or thing. What does an apple do? What does a cat eat? What is the job of a teacher? These are all questions that are bound to give you a fascinating insight into the way your child views the world.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

You might have the most fun asking this question and then comparing the results to see which one you both fall into. Are you a morning person or a night owl? What’s the best time of day for you? What do you prefer doing? What do you think are the pros and cons of being either one? These are all questions that will let you know what your child’s natural tendencies are, and will help you get a better understanding of them as individuals.

What are three things you want to happen in the world in the year 2036?

As we approach the year 2036, your child will likely be 8 years old. What do they hope to see in the world at that time? What do they think will be the next big thing? What do they wish would be different? Your child should have plenty of dreams and hopes for the future, and this is the perfect opportunity to let them know that you’re interested in hearing what they have to say. What do they expect will be the biggest breakthroughs and discoveries?

Do you have any secret talents?

Kids often want to keep their skills and accomplishments to themselves, both out of embarrassment and a sense of modesty. If you want to get your child talking and let them know that you think highly of them, there are few better ways to do so than by asking them if they have any hidden talents. What do you have that you’re proud of that you don’t want anyone else to know about? What are your hidden skills and abilities? What do you wish more people knew about you?

Are there any games or activities that you would like to see become more popular with kids?

Kids love to find new things to play with, both to learn and to socialize with friends. If you want to know what your child wants to see more of in their lives, this is a great question to ask them. What games or activities do you wish were more popular? What do you wish more kids were doing? What do you wish your friends were more interested in? These are all questions that will let you know what’s on your child’s mind.


There are tons of great ways to interact with kids and get them to open up. All you have to do is ask! If you’re looking for fun questions to ask kids, or if you have any ideas for great conversation starters with kids, be sure to share them with your friends and family. Kids love attention, and they especially love attention from their peers and elders. Now that you know what kinds of questions to ask, all that’s left to do is pick one and go for it! Kids love talking about themselves, and if you give them the chance, they’ll love sharing their thoughts and ideas with you.