May 29, 2024

T20 World Cup 2021: Most recent Timetable, Focuses Table, Groups, Live Score, and Match Updates 

Most recent T20 World Cup 2021 updates with complete timetables, live scores, and news. The T20 World Cup is planned from seventeenth October to fourteenth November. With 12 groups taking part in the occasion. 

However, get the most thorough inclusion for the competition with a complete timetable and measurements. Prefer day-by-day cautions for every day refreshes about the T20 World Cup. 

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 – UAE/Oman 

At first, it should be played back in Australia before moving to India. However, the ICC has affirmed the last settings to be in UAE and Oman this year. 

Before the pandemic, Australia was planned to have the ICC T20 World-Cup 2021. However, by common arrangement, Australia and India had traded the facilitating privileges. Along these lines, Australia will have the WT20 in 2022. While India will have this year (in UAE). India last facilitated the T20 World Cup in 2016. It will be for the primary that India will have consecutive ICC T20 World Cups. 

A T20 World Cup competition is consistently a festival for cricket fans from one side of the planet to the other. T20 is such an unusual organization. That it even goes through to win matches and titles. 

This T20 World Cup 2021 will monetarily help every one of the groups as a group. Additionally, it can make up for the misfortune during the pandemic time. Three ICC occasions are line-up for three back-to-back years. Consequently, the players should be prepared for a busy schedule of cricket coming up. 

T20 World Cup 2021 Scenes 

On 17 April 2021, the BCCI recommended the phrase the urban neighborhoods. Which are scheduled to have the tournaments. Bangalore, Chennai, Dharamshala, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai. And New Delhi were the scenes alongside Ahmedabad, stimulating the final of the circumstance. 

However, a portion of the primer round matches of the occasion is likewise set to be held in Oman. On 29 June 2021, the ICC affirmed that the T20 World Cup would be played in the UAE and Oman. Then the competition will occur in four settings. The Dubai Global Cricket Arena, the Sheik Zayed Cricket Arena, the Sharjah Cricket Arena. And the Oman Cricket Institute Ground. 

4 Urban areas/Arenas to have the WT20 matches are as follows

Dubai Worldwide Cricket Arena (Dubai) 

Sharjah Cricket Arena (Sharjah) 

Sheik Zayed Cricket Arena (Abu Dhabi) 

Oman Cricket Institute Ground (Muscat/Oman) 

Groups Taking part On the planet T20 Occasion 

A sum of 16 groups will compete in the current year’s version of World T20. 10 groups are the long-lasting groups with T20I status by ICC. As these groups have played the past version of WT20. 

Six new groups had made it before T20 by winning the capability round. However, the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 was facilitated in UAE. 

Organizations that possess prepared for the WT20 through ICC men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier: 


Papua New Guinea 





T20 World Cup 2021 Arrangement and Gatherings 

The full timetable and the gathering division haven’t been declared formally. However, it is relied upon to go dependent on the timetable. Which was before anticipated WT20 – 2020. 

First and foremost the last eight groups including Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. However, it will be separated into two gatherings (bunch An and bunch B). 

Each group will play 3 matches against the groups of their gathering. The main 2 groups from each gathering (An and B). It will make a beeline for the super-12 leg (which has the best 8 groups). 

The super-12 will likewise be separated into two gatherings (Gathering 1 and Gathering 2) 

Then the champ of gathering A (A1) and sprinter up of gathering B (B1) will join bunch 1 of the super-12. Which comprises different groups to be specific Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, and West Indies. 

Arrangements of groups before the World Cup 2021 occasion 

With under 7 months left for the WT20, the groups begin setting up their group mixes, likely 11, and so forth. The techniques and blueprints are being made by different groups. 

Before the up occasion, there is as to however a couple of respective series from. Which all groups will attempt to explore different avenues regarding their new youthful appearance before concluding for the WT20. 

Last thought 

Australia will have the super occasion in Oct-November 2021. While the 2020 version has been delayed. The occasion will currently be held in 2021 during October and November months. As affirmed by the ICC board of trustees. 

It is additionally affirmed that we will have a T20 World Cup occasion in 2022 also. Which makes it two uber occasions consecutive in 2 years.